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One way to make your client come back is pleasing him in exotic ways. And here are some factors or ways to do so.

  • As an European Escort, you need to realize that the first factor for great sex with a client is variety. You want to change things up. You want to create some variety in the bedroom. You want to do different positions. If you’re always doing missionary, he will get bored. You want to try on different positions.

One exotic way to go about sex is by looking up on some sexual positions for your man. There’s a lot to choose from. You could do doggy style, frog style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, rusty trombone. You could do the double down under or the juicy couture or the animal style exercise, double pickles. Try making love in different rooms in the house or hotel and try having different kinds of sex where sometimes it might be the long drawn out, intimate romantic love making sex. With this, he could make you is favorite.

  • Now the next factor is fantasy. Every client has fantasies. Even as an English Escort, you sure have fantasies that you would love to enjoy. So communicate with your client and find out what his fantasies are. Maybe his fantasy is to you dress up as a French maid or a nurse, or have sex in some unusual places. so fulfilling each other’s fantasies is a great way to add spice to the relationship and it can totally take your sex life and most importantly that of your client to a whole new level.


  • Now the Last factor that contributes to great sex for your client is intensity. Most of your clients are wired up to want to achieve something and so as much as great sex is about enjoying the sex, it’s equally about us enjoying the brunette escort because you were chosen for a reason. So the more that you can emote, the more that you can show the intensity of the enjoyment that you have through sex, the more it makes your clients feel like they have accomplished something and have done a great job.

Feel free to express yourself. Make some noises. Sometimes escorts hold back because they feel like they’re going to get judged as being wild or freakish or whatever. No, most clients want to hear you. They want to experience you enjoy the love making as much as they do.

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