Why working as an escort is a great idea whilst studying in East Midlands

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One of the cons of studying in the East midland is having to deal with the expensive lifestyle. In the same vein, one of the pros is that you are far away from home and can get yourself involved in a lot of money fetching activities like being as escort.

Now the question on your mind would be “How much does a heart and escort charge and how much you make?” You are quite lucky with this because the amount of money an escort can make depends a lot on her location, and the East midlands is where you can make a lot of money.

Although It’s not a very competitive area, and there aren’t hundreds of beautiful women that provide very high quality service. In fact, not people in the east midlands are hobbyist who have seen a lot of Escorts.

Apart from location another factor that determines how much money to make include the quality of the provider, the quality of the service that she well provides. So this all has to do with attractiveness more than anything.

Also Education and intelligence serves as an added advantage, just generally how desirable you are to be around. Another thing that matter is confidence, a person’s faith in their own abilities and desirability.

Also make sure that you charge for your time. The more hours you are being book, the better value you’re getting, as would be the case in a lot of industries. So you should ensure that you have your per hour price.

Also, make sure that you know the east midland prices range. The prices in the market are per hour around 350 to $550 range. And even though that sounds like a really big range, it’s still a standard upper mid-market range.

Another way you can make more money is depending on the client’s status. You can choose to charge between 400 and $500 an hour. And then of course, like if it’s two hours or three hours, you may give a discount.

Also, there are overnight charges between $2000 and $3000, that’s about 12 hours. This still depends on a few things like if you are going to dinner, night club, etc.

Finally as a student working as an escort in the east midland, you can come in contact with influential clients that can help elevate your career.

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